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ARISF 2023 General Assembly – The foundations for the future of ARISF

On November 13, 2023, the International Sport Federations recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) convened at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne for the ARISF General Assembly, with keynote addresses by the ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli and the IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach.

In his address to the Assembly IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach reiterated how important it is today that the world of sport and the international federations are united in such a difficult period as the last few years, started with the Pandemic and continued with the various wars and conflicts. He stressed that his position and that of the IOC as well as of the umbrella organisations such as ARISF are against what is happening and that especially today, with the continuous attempts of information manipulation, the position of the IOC and its stakeholders must be even more decisive, He then outlined the importance of the role of the member federations of ARISF and he congratulated the 5 ARISF Members who will join the LA 2028 Olympics, stressing the importance of organizations such ARISF in the Olympic Movement.
He concluded by saying that the dissolution of GAISF was necessary also to revitalise and bring new life into the umbrella organisations for a new start which will give great opportunities and motivation to, ARISF members and ARISF itself. President Chiulli expressed his gratitude for the confidence and trust that the ARISF Council and ARISF members gave him as well as the support from the IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach that represented a tangible recognition of the hard work carried out during the last year.

President Chiulli also said that many lessons had been learned , the most important of which is that sport has the power to bring people together as a real global community and he thanked the members of ARISF for their appreciated work and support. He outlined how in a moment of significant changes within the international sporting arena such as the dissolution and liquidation of GAISF, ARISF certainly will have more relevance and resources, recalling that in addition to 30% of the assets, ARISF also will have the opportunity to be represented by two of our Board Members in the ExCo of Sport Accord and in this regard said that Mr. Riccardo Fraccari and Anna Arzhanova have been nominated by the ARISF Council, Riccardo Fraccari also as treasurer. President Chiulli said that recently he had the opportunity to attend the 141st IOC Session in Mumbai chaired by President Bach where 5 ARISF IFs members and sport disciplines are going to be included in the LA 2028 Olympic Games and this is also the result of the very close collaboration between the IOC, ARISF and ARISF members.

Following President Chiulli’s speech, the General Assembly approved the renewed Statutes of ARISF, which was well explained by the lawyers Vincent Jäggi and Riccardo Coppa from Kellerhals Carrard, and the new ARISF Strategic Plan. Secretary General Fraccari then took the floor illustrating how the financial situation of ARISF has been improving year by year and that today with the dissolution of GAISF, the available funds will allow ARISF to act firmly, underlining that however it will still be necessary to find a way to ensure that ARISF will be sustainable also financially.

The intervention of Ms. Laetitia Zumbrunnen, who oversees ARISF’s membership in WADA updated the ARISF members about the new services, criteria, and future opportunities. The assembly ended with word of thanks from the President and the entire ARISF Board to the ARISF members and to the new staff member and responsible for the organization of the General Assembly, Matteo Cito.