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ARISF – A Symbolic Evolution

“Forty years after its foundation, the rebranding of ARISF marks a pivotal moment in the organisation’s history, signalling a renewed dedication to serving its members and strengthening its influence within the global sports community. Through its new logo, ARISF reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change and facilitating collaboration for the improvement of international sports governance.”

Listening, Learning, Leading: ARISF’s Member-Driven Evolution

The dissolution of GAIF has consolidated ARISF’s position as the sole entity representing IOC-recognised international sports federations. This strategic move enables ARISF to consolidate its authority and focus on its two-core mission: supporting its members in achieving their objectives and fostering stronger connections between ARISF’s members and their key stakeholders.

Founded in 1984, ARISF celebrate this year its 40th anniversary. Beyond this celebration, ARISF’s decision to rebrand stems from the desire to embark on a fresh chapter in its history, and a deep commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its members. In response to valuable feedback gathered through surveys conducted in 2023, ARISF recognised the imperative to redefine its role as a service-oriented association dedicated to advancing the interests of its members. This feedback highlighted the essential role played by ARISF as the key link between its members and the two organizations: the IOC and SportAccord. Therefore, the rebranding underlines the importance of improving its services and engagement with stakeholders.

ARISF’s New Logo: A Symbol of Progress

The new mission marks a new era for ARISF, marked by the introduction of its new logo, an emblem meticulously chosen to embody the association’s values and vision.

The Iconic “A”:

At its beginning, the iconic ‘A’ stands not only as an initial but also as a powerful and autonomous symbol of belonging and collective identity, uniting members under the banner of ARISF’s vision.

The two intersecting bars within the ‘A’ represent the symbolic link between ARISF and the IOC, signifying mutual support and strengthened partnership.

The circular shape symbolises global harmony, embodying the entire community. Where different discipline comes together in the form of a union.

Colours Blending Tradition and Modernity:

The colours have been also carefully chosen, representing the fusion of tradition and modernity. Indeed, the renowned and conventional colours of the IOC are featured, through blue, yellow, black, green, and red. Alongside these colours, the distinctive new ARISF palette is located at the bottom of the “A”, emphasising the innovation and progress of the association.

The arrangement of colours is purposefully done within the “A” structure, symbolising the harmonious relationship among ARISF members. In addition, the use of black text accentuates the new visual identity, drawing attention to the ‘A’ and accentuating ARISF’s evolution.

ARISF’s Patterned Progress:

The assembly of all the “A” forms a pattern that repeats and intertwines, shaping the brand’s official new pattern, a true reflection of ARISF’s identity. This mosaic of emotions representing joy, wonder, unity, sharing, and passion, forms the basis of the new visual identity. No longer limited to a simple logo, the pattern becomes a recognisable visual language, serving as a spokesperson for the brand’s values and essence.


In brief, ARISF’s rebranding marks a significant milestone that highlights the 40th anniversary, demonstrating a renewed commitment to its members and a stronger position in the global sports arena. This dedication is embodied in the new logo and visual identity, reflecting unity, diversity, and progress. ARISF’s evolution ensures continued service to its members and the advancement of the global sports community.

Looking forward to seeing ARISF’s evolution over the next 40 years!