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ARISF – SportAccord Convention 2024

“SportAccord is back with its 18th edition of the world’s premier networking event for sport. Among the esteemed participants, ARISF takes centre stage with a series of highly informative workshops, meetings, and activities at the convention site in Birmingham.”

SportAccord & ARISF

SportAccord convention reunites more than 2,500 sports representatives and 100 sports federations from around the globe. It’s the ultimate event for anyone involved in the sports business since it enables global business leaders and host cities to connect with International Federations and their stakeholders, all under one roof.

ARISF is one of the key stakeholders of SportAccord, it will be present at the 18th edition, not just as an attendee, but as a proactive contributor hosting workshops, meetings, and a dinner.

Sunday 7th of April

SportAccord Executive Committee Meeting:

The ARISF’s journey begins with two official meetings, the first one with SportAccord, the hosting company of the convention. Where two ARISF representatives will be present, Riccardo Fraccari, executive committee member and treasurer, together with Anna Arzhanova, executive committee member. They will engage in discussions aimed at solidifying the partnership between ARISF and SportAccord, exploring avenues for mutual support to benefit ARISF’s members.

ARISF Executive Board Meeting:

The second meeting will be an ARISF Executive Board meeting, chaired by its president Raffaele Chiulli. This is a prime opportunity to have the entire Executive Board gathered in one place. With their collective expertise and strategic vision, this meeting is the foundation for ARISF’s continued growth and influence.

Monday 8th of April

ARISF Sustainability Workshop:

In the first workshop, sustainability will take the spotlight with two guests of honour. On the one hand, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing service for online businesses will bring to the table its expertise as the largest company in its industry. On the other hand, the Green Future Project is a growing social start-up with sustainable initiatives all around the world and in different domains such as renewable energy, restoration, and preservation.

ARISF/WADA Clean Sport Workshop:

The second workshop of the day will be presented by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), investigating the imperative of maintaining clean sports environments. WADA’s mission is to contribute to integrity in sport by providing a doping-free sports environment to all athletes. The key topics of this workshop will be education, how to increase the anti-doping budget within your IF and cooperation between IFs & NADOs.

ARISF Executive Board & IOC Meeting:

The day will continue with a significant official meeting involving the ARISF Executive Board and top Officials from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Due to the close collaboration between ARISF and the IOC to ensure the growth of recognised members, the discussion will focus on strategic matters that aim to benefit the entire sport ecosystem.

ARISF& AIMS Welcome Dinner:

In the evening ARISF and the Alliance of Independent Recognized Members of Sport (AIMS) will collaborate to host an exclusive dinner for all their esteemed members. Just like ARISF, AIMS also makes a valuable contribution to the Olympic movement and both organisations share similar values of respect, unity, and fair play. This joint event will foster solidarity among members while celebrating their commitment to promoting sportsmanship.

Wednesday 10th of April

ARISF/IPACS Good Governance Workshop:

On the morning of the 10th, ARISF will hold another workshop in collaboration with the International Partnership against Corruption in Sport (IPACS), showcasing a workshop aimed at fostering integrity, accountability, and transparency within the sports domain by introducing the 50 recommendations that are at the base of the sport governance benchmark already implemented within ASOIF. IPACS brings together sports organisations, governments, and other relevant stakeholder in order to promote a culture of good governance in sport.


ARISF sets the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights, driving the global sports arena to new horizons. As delegates gather in Birmingham, these workshops, meetings, and activities promise to engage dialogue and inspire innovation.

Stay tuned as ARISF leads transformative discussions at SportAccord 2024!