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World Sports Games: what a great success!

Amateur sport as a means to promote physical activity and to reach as many people as possible thus fighting a sedentary lifestyle. This is what the President of ARISF – Association of the IOC Recognised International Sports Federations – was aiming at when joining CSIT – International Workers and Amateur Sports Confederation – in Italy, as part of CSIT World Sports Games, the amateur world games which take place every two years. This current edition took place in Emilia Romagna, the region that was hit hard by floods just months ago.

Around 5,000 participants – 3,800 athletes, plus the referees, technicians, and volunteers – peacefully packed the area to prove that sport is not only a means of promoting a healthy lifestyle, but a way to support the economy and local communities. In fact, the 7th edition of CSIT World Sports Games was held across 7 different cities along the Adriatic coast. At the head of the cities is Cervia, an ancient maritime town which was completely flooded only 4 months ago. 80 kilometers of coastline were covered by the event, which took up as many as 47 sports facilities and 33 disciplines.

World Sports Games 2023 were a true call for inclusion, involving parasports for athletes that underwent transplants and dialysis. ARISF was represented by President Raffaele Chiulli at the opening ceremony that quite literally “invaded” the main square of Cervia. 3,800 athletes from 44 countries from every corner of the globe paraded along Cervia’s seafront, up to Piazza Garibaldi, waving their national flags. During the ceremony, which was live streamed all over the world, took place the lighting of the tripod with CSIT President Mr. Molea officially opening the Games.

Last but not least, CSIT World Sports Games were “green” with values such as environmental sustainability and human respect at the center.