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SportAccord Convention 2024, great achievements for ARISF!

During the SportAccord Convention 2024, associations, federations, and athletes were reunited in the city of Birmingham for a week of camaraderie, innovation, and collaboration. The Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations proposed a different variety of workshops to its members, institutional meetings, and a successful joint welcome dinner with AIMS and key stakeholders of the Olympic movement.

Exclusive Behind the Scenes – ARISF Executive Board Meeting

On the day before the start of the convention, ARISF Executive Board gathered for a pre-convention meeting. This exclusive gathering was attended by the entire executive board, President Raffaele Chiulli, Secretary General Riccardo Fraccari, Vice President Anna Arzhanova, and Executive board members Tom Hollowell, John Liljelund, and Clare Briegal.

During this meeting, the EB discussed key advancements such as rebranding, the launch of a new website, the recruitment of new personnel, the registration to the Chamber of Commerce and a new office at the Maison du Sport in Lausanne. In just a fewmonths, ARISF has embarked on a journey with a singular goal in mind: to futher strengthen the collaboration and better serve its stakeholders and members.

Through in-depth discussions, the ARISF President, the ARISF EB and Team meticulously drew up the program and set the scene for an unforgettable event.

ARISF Leads the Way with a Sustainability Workshop

As the convention kicks off, ARISF proudly presents its first workshop called “Introducing Sustainable Practices in Sport”, in collaboration with Green Future Project and Alibaba Cloud.

Green Future Project is a climate tech and B-Corp that provides end-to-end solutions for organizations. Briano Martinoni, Co-founder & CCO and Jonathan Pugerup, Senior Partnership Specialist, shared some insights with our International Federation (IF) for the implementation of sustainable practices at the IF level, including the crucial pursuit of a corporate Net-Zero Strategy. During the workshop, they explained issues related to climate change and how to be an active participant in the solution.

Alibaba Cloud, on the other hand, is one of the biggest cloud providers and technology companies in the world. It is also the official cloud services partner of the IOC for all of their event including Paris 2024. Olivier Arafat, Head of Cloud Solution, dived deeper into the technological aspect of sustainability. He highlighted the intersection of AI innovation with sustainability practices and fan engagement, showcasing cutting-edge solutions.

In short, this workshop has been the perfect opportunity to learn how to integrate sustainability practices into the world of sport. Through interactive engagement, attendees actively contributed to crafting solutions for a more sustainable future.

Elevating Anti-Doping Effort – Clean Sport Workshop

ARISF hosted its second workshop presented by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The session started with ARISF President, Dr. Raffaele Chiulli and WADA President, Mr. Witold Bańka, inspiring opening remarks, setting the tone for an insightful and impactful event.

Focused on the critical topic of managing Anti-Doping budgets, the workshop provided invaluable guidance to its participants. Attendees were privileged to hear two real-world examples of IFs: The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) and World Lacrosse (WL). Both Federations shared tangible examples of effective budget management strategies in the realm of Anti-Doping.

The session concluded by Hamish Coffey, Director of Operations at UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), offering further depth and expertise to the discussion.

Stay tuned as we continue to empower anti-doping efforts through collaboration and education.

ARISF & IOC Meeting

ARISF President and the Executive Board met with the IOC President, Thomas Bach, and IOC Senior Management to further discuss future collaboration between the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations and the IOC.

Throughout the discussions, both parties demonstrated a shared commitment to furthering the development and recognition of non-Olympic sports. The exchange of insights and ideas underscored the importance of collaboration in driving positive change within the sporting landscape.

This reunion was filled with fruitful exchanges where ARISF shared their achievements with the IOC. The ARISF team will work in the next months to elaborate a workplan to be discussed with the IOC.

Celebrating Sportsmanship – ARISF & AIMS Welcome Dinner

ARISF & AIMS joined forces in order to create an amazing welcome dinner for their members. Partnering with AIMS for this dinner underlines the importance of collaboration within the sporting community. Sport possesses a unique ability to unite people, and this evening illustrated the strength of our global community – a true embodiment of togetherness.

The dinner started with the opening speeches of ARISF President, Raffaele Chiulli and AIMS President, Stephan Fox. Followed by the IOC President, Thomas Bach, who honoured us with his presence and opening remarks.

The dinner marks a pivotal moment for ARISF and AIMS. Since the dissolution of GAISF, ARISF and AIMS have been working towards developing meaningful umbrella organisations that can effectively support its members to develop and grow within this Olympic Family.

In a spirit of camaraderie, ARISF and AIMS members shared a dinner, full of excitement, laughs and hope for their future.

Exploring Good Governance – ARISF & IPACS Workshop

The week concludes on a high note with ARISF’s final workshop, focusing on Good Governance and presented by IPACS. The ARISF President, Raffaele Chiulli, opened the workshop, followed by the interventions of Pâquerette Girard Zapelli, Chief of Ethics and Compliance at the IOC, and Giuseppe Deleonardis, Deputy Chief of Ethics and Compliance.

In the initial partof the workshop, we delved into the IOC’s Agenda 2020+5, gaining valuable insights. James Carr, Deputy Executive Director at the Association of Summer Olympic International Federation (ASOIF), provided practical examples of how they successfully implemented Good Governance within their member federations.

The latter part of the session was dedicated to a hands-on exercise, offering all ARISF members the opportunity to engage with real-life scenarios and apply the principles of Good Governance.

As we reflect on the enriching discussions and collaborative efforts of this workshop, we aim to inspire our member to continue their commitment to fostering transparency and accountability within their sports.

Conclusive remarks

The week was also marked by numerous meetings during which the ARISF President  and its Executive Boards met with members and heard their voices. In addition, the Executive Board met with the ITA and WADA to discuss collaboration opportunities to benefit their members.

In conclusion, the SportAccord Convention was a success for ARISF, with productive workshops, a significant meeting with the IOC, closer collaboration with AIMS and  the broader sport community.